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Dragrattan Multi Sport Review by Jada

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Dragrattan Muti Sport Harness :

We have asked some of our Cani-Fitters to review some of their kit , to give their feedback on what they like about the products .

Jada is one of our Juniors who competes at highest level in canicross, she has been competing and training for four years now. Her dog Fuzzy is a medium build, similar to a slender husky , hound shape.

“This is my dog Fuzzy.
We do cani-cross together and also do some training in
Bike-jor. We have started using the Dragrattan multi-sport harness and we are
loving it.
Fuzzy is dominant on her right side so if there is no trail for her to
focus on she pulls over to the right. This harness is perfect when that happens as
the belly strap holds the harness in place on her body and she stays strong.
I have
found that since we started using this her pulling has become stronger and she looks very
comfortable when she is working. It is also perfect for switching to bike-jor too.

The multi-sport harness gets a huge thumbs up from us.”

The  Dragrattan Multi Sport harness can be viewed here

To measure your dog for sizing, Dragrattan guide goes on dog’s weight in KGs, very easy ! If in doubt drop us a message at Cani-Fit to help.

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