1:1 Training Sessions

Here at Cani-Fit we work with both dog and owner to get into fitness and learn harness-based sports.

Canicross; which is running on trails with your dog in harness attached to a hip belt.

Bikejor; which is faster paced, again on trails and your dog in harness attached to front of the bike.

Dog Scootering; similar to Bikejor but using a Kickbike. The dogs run attached to the scooter. This is ideal for strength work and teaming two dogs up together.

During a 1-1 session you will be guided and taught how to work with your dog in harness. Breaking down technique of running, position with your dog, timing and tone of commands. Fit of kit, how best to prepare your dog for sessions and what to work on out with will all be discussed during the session.

For Bikejor and Scooter sessions it is important your dog has had some harness training beforehand. They have to be comfortable to run and pull in harness and have an understanding of commands.

In some cases a Scooter can be provided; you must check before booking.

You must provide your own bike and always be equipped with your own helmet and gloves for wheeled sessions.

Please contact us for availability and location!