Online Coaching

Online coaching with Lindsay Johnson, the founder of Cani-Fit.

Lindsay has a wealth of knowledge and experience in being a qualified personal trainer, qualified sports nutrition coach as well as a hugely experienced and successful canicross coach.

Lindsay has won numerous national champion titles in canicross, ranking highest GB female athlete in her class a year after having her son. Competing at European and World Championship level for many years. Lindsay trains and competes in canicross, bikejor and scooter which  keeps her up to date with skills and knowledge in the sport.

Online coaching will not only help to motivate you and your dog to work best as a team whilst getting fit together, but provide a structured training schedule to help meet your goals.

For most of us in this day and age, time can be limited.  The most important factor when it comes to training with your dog is that you do something that you both enjoy, and that you progress together.

The training plans are adapted to each individual team. Whether you are aiming for a canicross race, or just want to generally be stronger/fitter to help out your dog, we can tailor a plan to suit your needs. Plans can be canicross based, or just solely based on the human’s training schedule.

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