Online Classes – Part 3


This is out second block of Online Classes, designed to help you push yourself to improve your canicross skills.

The classes included in this block are:

  • Fartlek Loops
  • Power Hills
  • Speed Intervals
  • Time Trial

When you purchase this block you will receive all 4 comprehensive class plans in PDF format. Each class lays out different tasks for the session to help you improve technique or work on your speed and stamina. You also gain access to our Online Classes group for exclusive discounts, Q&As and group workouts!

Note: For international orders, please use postcode ‘G67 3AA’ at checkout.


Cani-Fit have been running canicross classes across Scotland since 2010. We’ve introduced hundreds of individuals to the sport, and have trained hundreds more over the years. This year, we’re thrilled to announce that keen canicrossers worldwide will now be able to join in the fun!

When you sign up to a block of our Online Classes, you’ll receive 4 detailed training session plans, aimed towards improving important aspects of your training, such as technique, speed and endurance. Where possible, we also try to include bonus content to highlight useful skills and commands.

How does it work?

  • Sign up for your block of classes.
  • Receive your class plans in the form of a detailed PDF document.
  • Get out there and run the class with your dog!
  • Share your Strava activity/pictures/thoughts with your classmates through our Cani-Fit Online Classes group!

Your files will be downloaded automatically and will also be sent to your email address! If you don’t receive your files and they aren’t in your junk mail folder, get in touch and we’ll sort you out!

Who can do the online classes?

Anyone! These plans will suit seasoned canicrossers and runners, but will also suit those just starting out too. We welcome those that have come to our classes before, and those that haven’t or that live in other parts of the world. Everyone is welcome to follow the class!

This is Part 3 of 3, so you may want to start at Part 1 if you have some canicross experience already, or on the Beginners Introduction if you’re a complete newcomer to the sport.

All online class content is the property of Cani-Fit and must not be altered or redistributed in any way.


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