Cani-Fit Winter Motivator Week 3-4

Pauline Lindsay and Nismo


Well it’s week 4 already wow. The last 2 weeks have flown by in a haze of Cani-Fit classes, running with friends, meeting a different group to run where we managed 5k (wow whee) and a couple of lovely long walks where a special bear joined us and set a fast pace (just like his mum lol).  The beginners Cani-Fit classes were great and we both enjoyed.  There was a great mix of activities where we had directional work, hills (hate any incline no matter how teeny!), commands and of course run/jog along with some great practical dog management flung in also.
In order to get some cross training done also, I went along to a boogie bounce class where I had such a laugh (at myself obviously) though worked hard – this was thanks (maybe not the right word lol) to Kirsty who had talked me into this then abandoned me.. Though this was due to straining her ankle at a cani x race so I forgave her.
This weeks class was body combat where again I worked up a sweat – or should I only glow.. – which worked the legs really well but didn’t think it worked the core so going to try another type of class next week – what happened to grapevine and box step and sit ups..they must still be out there somewhere.
Anyway onwards to week 5 we go and we’re into the 2nd half of this fabulous challenge

Amy McLaughlan and Might Maisie


So weeks 3 & 4 are now done – 4 weeks have flown in! And I’m happy to say I’ve definitely done some good work towards my goals. 
I’ve gone past the 10k mark now so am delighted at that. Just need to do a bit of work on this Parkrun time. 
Glad to say I’ve lost another couple of lbs too, have managed to keep my eating on track and the beetroot juice is actually starting to taste quite nice….. it’s only taken 6 weeks haha! 

So week 3 started with the final week of the Eglinton Cani-fit block. It was a quick but steady run – everyone’s pace is really picking up and Maisie as always ran like a demon. Over the next few days we (Maisie and/or Thomas and I) fitted in some hills & sprint, a steady four miler and then – the biggie – my first ever full non stop 10k! Woohoo! Was really pleased with myself for hitting that milestone, it’s something I always thought of as being completely out of my league, that someone like me could never manage a 10k, but there you go, I showed me didn’t I? Troon 10k in May for sure now! Who’s with me? 
        I then proceeded to die off with a cold all week so just rested, I’m not really much of a one for pushing myself too much when I’m sick or injured, don’t think it does any favours in the long run so it was into week 4 before I got back out again. Thankfully it was Maisie’s rest week anyway. I managed avery slow steady run from Dundonald Castle, home to Troon. My aim at the moment is to add on 1k a week, that way I’m increasing my distance but not so quickly that I’ll kill my legs. Got a longer race to train for in Feb so want to be a bit better with my distance before that. The route from Dundonald to Loans isn’t the easiest and it knocked the stuffing out me a little but I did it, that’s what counts. Learned some lessons on this one – eat and drink correctly in the lead up and wear the right flippin shoes! 
        Over the rest of the fourth week I fitted in a cani-fit class at Dumbarton (ace!), finally dragged my ass round the track for some speedwork (not my favourite but man does it work) and last night managed a 12k from Irvine to Troon with Thomas. Really chuffed with my running just now – getting a mix of speed and distance work in without over doing it and getting myself injured, it’s all meticulously planned I should add, trying my very best to get the right balance. I also shouldn’t fail to mention that I’ve fitted in my first two walk/jog classes as a Cani-Fit leader too and have got some good adventuring planned with the Mighty one coming up so all is well – mon the Cani-Fit! 

A wee piccie of one of my first classes: 

Sam Mckay and Angus


So, two weeks have passed since the last blog and things are better injury wise –the first week was a bit of a write off due to a horrible cold/cough and although I’ve not thrown it off completely I have managed to get out for a couple of runs, a game of squash and a dog walk with Forth Valley Canicross this week without any significant problems with my Achilles.  I’ve been keeping up with core/strength work and loads of stretching, with 2 sessions in the gym each week and one session at home – the weights I’m using are slowly increasing, and it still hurts the next day, so progress is being made!  My husband has been back to running this week as well, so Angus is getting a huge ramp up in his exercise and seems to be a bit bemused by it all!

I’ve not discovered any new trails yet as I am just glad to be back running, but I have been poring over Google Earth and local maps to scout out a few possible places to try.

Looking ahead to the next 2 weeks.  I am on annual leave next week, so alongside some Christmas shopping and a visit to the Edinburgh Christmas markets for mulled wine and ice-skating I am planning to get out to explore a couple of new places, continue with the core/strength work and maybe get a couple games of squash in.  There is also the CaniSport Scotland race at Lochore Meadows next weekend, which I was thinking about entering, though am a bit unsure about that just now – so maybe a last minute entry there.

 Letitia Aitken and Hamish


Hi Everyone,
Just getting lunch at work (!!!!!) so i thought i would take a wee minute to do my blog.
Well… where did week 3 go? Hamish got walked as normal and went to agility but running and scootering was non existent. My excuses are poor, Niamh was sick and had to be sent home from school so it was a bit of a juggling act with work and looking after her, however if i had time to walk Hamish i should just have ran him! Managed a bit of core strength work but again not nearly enough. The only good thing about last week was that i didn’t eat too much crap and i think i only had 1 glass of wine ( think i would have liked more though if i’m being honest)
Week 4 I was determined to run so while still juggling sick kids and work I got up and i got out. I’ve not ran as many miles as i would have liked but some of what i did do was faster than normal and i also managed some hill and stair interval training (we wont mention the lost work pass 😉  )
One thing i have realised is that I spend a lot of time taking kids to their various clubs but although it’s a lot of rushing about , when they aren’t at the clubs  (like the last couple of weeks ) then my training suffers as i train when they are in their clubs- lazy training for me! So it’s actually worth the rushing about and a positive for everyone as we are all keeping fit.
My cross training this week has been dismantling 2 beds , rebuilding 2 beds and some storage units. Bloody arms and bum are killing me, not much fun for Hamish though as he was just trying to keep out my way lol
On another positive note, I’ve taken the bull by the horns (or the dog by the harness) and booked myself a couple of 1-1’s  in both canicross and agility for next week. Will admit I’m nervous about them both but also really looking forward to them too. Way out my comfort zone.
Andy away for part of next week but I’m determined to get more running and scootering done. Niamh will be back training and while one child is in the club then the other will be getting dragged wherever with me!
So, onwards and upwards
Letitia and Hamish  (team Aitken)
Ps. Hot date with hubby this weekend so not so much running being done on Saturday image
PPs. Sorry about the quality of the attached pictures
Helen Rourke, Charlie and Ruby

Winter motivator weeks 3&4

I can’t believe we’ve all been at this for a month now! How time flies when you’re having fun!!

This fortnight for me was all about trying to mix it up a little. I’ve spent the past 2 weeks stepping up my running. I’d actively avoided doing anything but – so no more hiding…

The ginners have had a bit of a mixed bag for mix fortnight. 🙁 Our worst week yet last week. I’ve resolved to pull up my socks and get back on track.

1. A great sunny Sunday morning run along the Kelvin Way with lady spangles. Need to find another venue for this week.
2. Started with my new PT – must say I’m luvving donning the boxing gloves and pretending I’m bashing my clients (great way to relieve work stress) – even if I’ve now lost 2 nails!
3. Started Saturday bootcamp classes & luvvin it (must be all Lindsay’s cani-fit mat work).
4. A yummy homemade brownie – thanks Victoria.
5. A very boozy Xmas night out with the newlands park crew.
5. I got to open my advent calendar – because I am about 12.

1. A very boozy Xmas night out – may be tee total for the rest of the festive season now. Too old for hangovers.
2. A couple of bad runs with legs like lead – always dents the confidence.
3. A maccy ds blow out- after a crappy day at work Not my finest decision. Words to the wise: just say no.
4. Too many days in Edinburgh, which meant not as many runs as I had hoped. #newjob #wishfulthinking

Keeping on track over the next fortnight is going to be equally hard – 5 Xmas nights, a team lunch, and a million secret santas to buy. Must keep on track!!!

Fellow winter motivators may need your help to get thru this!

The ginners xx

Kirsty McEwan and Georgy


Week 3 & 4

So today I write my last blog for the Cani-Fir Winter Motivator. Week 3 started off great, 2am rise for our trip to Culbin for the SDAS national Championship weekend and we were turning into Indians staying in our wigwam. With my running buddy Georgy in tow we also persuaded Kirsty to run Tess so it was an early rise for them too. We arrive with only a little confusion on how to find the forest J We went to the race briefing and also covered a fellow cani-fitters marshalling duties, we even had time for a wee nap before the race. Harnesses and belts went on and off we went to the start line for our start time. Georgy heard the countdown for the teams in front of us and started his usual barking. 3-2-1 and he was off like a bullet with me trying to keep up. The course was made up with a lot of long straights, right turn then onto the cross roads and down I went, first thought (through the tears streaming down my face) was this is bad. Picked up by the car delivering the marshals and taken back to the start line and was advised to go to a&e, was well impressed by the hospital in Elgin, in and out in under an hour and that included an x-ray. Badly sprained and some ligament damage so not too bad. Kirsty and Tess still had to run the Sunday so off we went on crutches. Poor Georgy was in the huff as he wasn’t getting a run. Then the little star that is Jada finished her 1.8 mile race and agreed to take Georgy round the course. He was looking for me initially and I was hiding behind a van lol I hobbled to the finish line to watch them coming up along with my cheering squad and then you see their heads popping up over the hill, so the cheering started and you could see Georgy pulling like a trooper, while his bum swung from side to side lol It was discovered (10 days later) that I actually have a crack in a bone at the front of my ankle so I am out for a good 4-6 weeks which I am a little gutted about.

No exercise was done for a week after my little accident, on the Sunday we headed to Calderglen to attempt a small walk (1 mile) and Georgy was going for a paddle which turned into a cold swim when the little girls started throwing things into the water and Georgy couldn’t help himself but chase them lol We also went a short walk on the Monday with Pauline, Nismo, Claire and Ruby, this was all before I was given into trouble by the hospital for not resting it.

Biggest achievement of the 2 weeks has to go to Georgy – previously he would not run with anyone else and on the Sunday he did!! Team Bumble Bee over and out!

I could continue my blogs but they would solely be Georgys adventures and I am not sure that would still qualify us lol

#canifitwintermotivator #sareankle #getfitiwithyourdog

Sandra Taylor and Derri


Cani-fit winter motivator week 3 + 4

Highlights and lows of past 2 weeks

Well week 3 started with a very fast cani-fit class at Eglinton park, everyone ran like the wind.
Amy’s hard work was showing with her press ups a least 4 to my 1, go Amy, core work deforestation my weakness.
Saturday was so hard to get time to get out, but eventually I headed out with Derri what a hard run, i struggled with every step. Derri was sluggish too never seen her not want to run like that put it down to her being in season. We plodded on for 2 miles through puddles, mud, hills and small rivers.
I decided to give Derri a few day off to get her mojo back.
Sunday was great fun took our mini jack Russell over to Eglinton with my son Jayden who’s 6 years old to take part in the cani-fit beginners class,
he loved it was off like a wee rocket (team double trouble) as Millie defo has small dog syndrome around others,she may be tiny but she’s loud lol.
Was great seeing so many newbies men, woman and kids go team cani-fit.
Wednesday’s was my daughter’s football training so instead of wrapping up warm and stuffing my face while she trained, I too put on my gear and had my own training session which included a 2 mile run, 1st mile was a gradual uphill all the way when I about turned it seemed to easy to just run down hill all the way back so I spied some steep steps and added some runs up and down them, ouch burning legs after that seemed good idea at the time, workout finished at the Murray Park with some core work, press ups/planks and crunches, go me 😀
Week 4 was cani-fit class week off, so thanks to Brain and Shona coming out on Thursday night, we met for a run round Dean park, we done the normal route and derri was back out joining me, she ran really well and seems to be back enjoying herself.
Had bad toothache so wasn’t back out until Sunday
Sunday was great weather was cold but dry a fab day to be out with dogs and kids, we headed to Fullerton woods in troon for some exploring. I used the bridle paths and ran a 1 mile approx route x3, it suited me as I had the kids down with me. They enjoyed a winter picnic at the play park. I took both dogs with me on this run mainly to keep derri interested as she enjoys running with other dogs better, but that turned tricky as our wee jrt kept tripping me up. Think I should stick to one dog, but we still managed 3.1mile in 27.30 chuffed with that. My kids weren’t ready to head home, so I added in some sprints and core work. 
Another new trail for me was the cani-fit meet up at the wind farm on Wednesday, dark, cold and damp night bit of a set back for myself as this is the first run in a long time I had to use my inhaler during the run, putting it down to the damp night and pray this is not going to be a problem this winter, I did a shorter route than most but still covered 3.1 miles,
Aims for weeks ahead is to try sort my diet out a bit better, which is torture this time of year and increase my mileage which is an aim of mine.
Here’s a pic from the beginners class run by cani-fit
Shona Smith and Isla

  At the beginning of week 3 I put myself out there and confessed I had lost all confidence running due to my injuries and losing fitness but after some encouraging words bad kicking in the backside me and Isla set off again. I made sure I was fitting in cross training by using the elliptical at the gym and swimming.
     My first day where I really felt good running was Saturday. After working all day and getting stuck in traffic I was determined to go a run we managed 1.6 miles in our fasted time of 14.30 mins.
The next day I set off solo by going to the great run local at Glasgow- an excellent flat route and great people who encouraged me the whole way. I managed to get 30sec of my 3k time as well.
     Then I stated to slip with exams and UNi work piling up running was pushed to the side. Until the following week where I eventually ventured out with other cani-fitters and managed to do the dean park route with minimal walking. Friday I also pushed myself do complete some hill sprints in Kilmaurs. Although then had dinner out and tablet (oops). Then I started to slip again until last night.
     Last night I was close to completing 2 of my 3 goals. I managed to head out with the amazing crowd at whitelees and get my 5k to under 30 minutes. I also just about to, expect a short walk at 2 miles, run all of the 5k. To say I couldn’t be more chuffed is an understatement and Isla is loving our faster pace and having friends along side her.

     My goals for the next two weeks is to:
-Run a full 5k
-to get Isla and myself back into cross training
-get back to the cani-fit classes

Claire Anderson and Floyd

Ok so weeks 4 and 5, didn’t start too great for team Anderson! Lol I submitted my last blog about how motivated I felt, and my continuous weight loss battle!!

Thursday night (day of the last blog) off we trundled down to eggy! Run started fab, behind Lindsay (by quite a distance but behind her) we thundered along the trail! Well I felt like I was thundering! Dugs ears flapping as he bayed his way along, then bam quicker than I knew what was happening I hit the deck with Floyd dragging me along in an unattractive turtle on its back effect! Over on my ankle, the first time this winter ( which is good going for me)! After rolling around and a few choice words I could hear Brian approaching so jumped up and hobbled along! Didn’t last long  I was over taken!