Cani-Fit Winter Motivator , blog submissions week 2.

Freya Kennedy and her spaniels :


Ok this week I have officially felt really motivated, its been brilliant. 
Friday I squeezed in a morning Cathkin canifit class, I love running there and certainly feel like I’ve worked hard after a session with Lindsay at Cathkin.
Saturday was a rest day when the dogs enjoyed a lovely beach walk at John Muir country park in Dunbar, and I then was up bright and early to head back to Dunbar on Sunday for the Edinburgh Foxlake canicross race. 
Previously I have hated racing, I have raced only a couple of times and not enjoyed it. I think I have always gone off too fast for my fitness levels and then really struggled to keep running, having moments of needing to walk and feeling really unfit. This race was great, I was confident of where I was so didnt have that horrid feeling that I didnt know how long I would have to keep running, and although some parts were technical and slippy I managed to keep running for the whole race in a time of 24.54, which was 4th in my class. I was very proud of my dogs, especially little Bella who ran in her first race and pulled the whole way round.
Monday was a shift to swimming and i managed 34 lengths before cramp in my foot as I was finishing but think that was race fatigue, and monday night was Canifit Chatelherault class,  which included the evil stairs of doom…not good after a race and long swim! Definately needed Tuesday as a rest day for me and the dogs, I noticed wee Bella seemed tired on monday which showed how hard she worked at the race. 
Wednesday isnt normally a running day but I heard the motivation fairy on my shoulder and tried to figure out what I could do with a 3 year old in tow…easy peasy, run the 6k loop round Strathclyde Loch with Bella and Dobbie harnessed up, and Aaron on his balance bike being towed behind me! Needless to say we got alot of funny looks and comments but I felt great afterwards as felt I’d pushed myself to run outwith a group which was one of my motivators. Wednesday night is agility so lots of sprints to keep up with Bella and I was asleep before my head hit the pillow! 
So its thursday and I’m still feeling powered up, inspired and off running tonight with a few buddies, I certainly think this motivator is pushing me as im already thinking ahead to my 3 night break in Marrakech in december and trying to work out what excercise I can do while away so I dont ruin my blog, flying easyjet so think it might have to be swimming costume as trainers take up too much room!
Bring on week 3!
Freya Kennedy, Paddy and Bella (and occasionally Dobbie)
Claire Anderson and Floyd:

Well where do I start!

I got back from Paris last Thursday and didn’t make class, I was shattered as was Floyd who’d had a holiday at the dog walkers, so we cancelled!

We got back into the swing on things on Friday at the Cathkin morning group. I hadn’t been to Cathkin in a while and I really enjoyed it, as did Floyd who was baying all the way after Lindsey and Monte!  We were certainly dain it when we were planking and doing press up’s in the pouring rain!!

On Saturday I finished my 10hr day at work and took myself out a quick blast, and it was bloody freezing! I opted for a wee 0.8 mile circuit which I planned on running twice. First circuit 6.51 min great happy with that, always room for improvement! Then the dam phone battery ran out, catastrophe!! No run keeper and no music!!