Online Leader Training Course

After many years of running successful training courses from our base in Scotland, we’re now bringing our Leader Training Course online! Our course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to be able to instruct others safely in the sport of canicross.


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Do you want to train the next generation of canicrossers? Our online leader training course is ideal for those looking to bring canicross to their part of the world, to add canicross services to their existing business or even to improve the quality of training for their canicross club! If you’ve not been able to come to Scotland to learn from us, then this is for you! Our course is open to aspiring leaders worldwide! 

With 48 graduates in canicross leader training (now working throughout the UK), 21 Cani-Fit leaders trained, classes in 27 locations, over 1300 new and retained clients and over 6000 class tickets sold in the last three years alone, Cani-Fit know how to train canicrossers and canicross trainers.

The course covers both practical and theory. Here’s a summary of what will be covered:


  • Directional Commands
  • Lining Out
  • Line Tension
  • Form
  • Kitting for Classes



  • Trail surfaces
  • Structuring classes/group sessions
  • Paw and joint care
  • Hydration & Feeding
  • Marketing your classes

If you’ve been wanting to take your canicross to the next level, then this is the course for you! 

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