We stock 4 different type of harness suitable for all the sports we do .
Non-Stop Freemotion our best seller, perfect for the right support in canicross, dogs will pull more comfortably with freedom of movement
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NS Blog Mo
Non Stop Freemotion

Non-Stop combined harness , same design as the free motion but made of a heavier more reinforced material, originally designed for Pulka (comes in flashy red – looks great )
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Non Stop Combined

KiSi canicross harness, our original harness, we have never moved away from this one, it fits so many style of breeds we see in the UK, really easy to put on and off and offers great support for lighter pulling dogs.
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Kisi Harness

Non-Stop Half Harness, a new favourite , shorter in the body than the rest, padded for comfort, perfect for hiking , walking or for a mix of free running / on harness.
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NS Half
Non Stop Half Harness
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