Canicross kit review: Non-Stop running line

Why every canicross kit bag should have a Non-Stop running line…

A review of the Non-Stop running line by Nicola and Baxter

I purchased the Non-Stop running line a while ago and I’ve watched with quiet envy as my Cani-Fit class mates have taken to the trails with theirs, singing the praises of this smoothest of canicross lines. I would look at it fondly then put it back in my kit bag, thinking “I’d love to, but…”

So what was stopping me? The Non-Stop running line has everything going for it: nice design, robustly made, exceptional bungee. I knew it promised a smoother run for Baxter and I with less jarring, but it was the bungee that gives that smooth run that was holding me back. Baxter is exceptionally reactive and I thought that him having any sort of extra “bounce” at the end of the line would lessen my control.

At our Cani-Fit class this week, I decided that I’d had enough of admiring the Non-Stop running line from afar: it was time to break it out of my kit bag, attach it to my belt, and give it a go. So I did. And I am so glad I did! I was hooked by the end of our warm up run.



The smoothness of the run with this line cannot be overstated. The line is fully elasticated and absorbs any jolting which makes the run super smooth for both the runner and the dog. No pressure on the hips/back for the runner. No jarring/constant braking for the dog. I felt that the Non-Stop running line helped Baxter and I to achieve a far better quality of run together. The material was also easy to take hold of when I needed to hold Baxter in.


Top piece of kit

So far from being a piece of kit a reactive dog owner could only dream of, I would highly recommend the Non-Stop running line to all canicrossers. I think the reduction in pulling and jolting helped Baxter to relax and enjoy his run.

You and your dog need this canicross line in your lives – check it out here:


Non-Stop running line

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