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Cani-Fit leader training course

[Please note that this blog post refers to our 2018 courses – for up to date information on our Canicross Leader Training Course and booking info click here.]


LOVE CANICROSS? Leading a social canicross group? Looking to start one in your area? Looking to start a canicross business venture?

The Cani-Fit Leaders Course is for you!

Introducing the Cani-Fit Leader Training Course: the only training course available for canicross leaders looking to improve their teaching skills
Learn from the best: operating in 27 venues across Scotland, with over 1,300 new and retained clients and over 6,000 class tickets sold in the last three years alone, Cani-Fit know how to train canicrossers.
Course content

Working with your own dog, you will:
– take to the trails of Eglinton Park to gain practical knowledge and experience of kit requirements/ choice and fitting, how to train dogs in harness, canicross technique, direction work/commands/
– speed control/trail etiquette, trail/surface choice, and class/session delivery
deep-dive into learning about the history, development and future of the sport of canicross, feeding and hydration strategies, dog welfare, paw and joint care, how to deliver structured training sessions, class management, the role of assistants, identifying the training needs of the individual, key factors to get the most from your training groups, and much more.
You will also get the chance to put your learning to the test with practical teaching experience. On Day 2, you will have the opportunity to instruct others in a group setting, gaining practical teaching experience and receiving feedback.
Who is the course for?
The course is ideal for those running social clubs who wish to develop their training skills, or for those who wish to consider paid canicross training as a business venture.

There are opportunities available for those seeking to become Cani-Fit leaders, however attendance on the course is also open to those leading their own groups or who wish to start doing so after the course.
Become the best
Established in 2010 and with unparalleled industry knowledge, Cani-Fit have trained 22 canicross leaders, of whom:

– 11 have become Cani-Fit class leaders
– 3 have become Cani-Fit class helpers
- 8 have furthered their knowledge of the sport and the majority are now delivering private training to canicross groups across the UK.

Be a leader in UK Canisports

The Cani-Fit Leaders Course is ideal for:
– those running social clubs who wish to develop their training skills/who are looking for
– Continuing Professional Development training
– those who wish to consider paid canicross training as a business venture
– those who wish to become Cani-Fit leaders
– those who wish to further their knowledge of the sport for their own interest
those who wish to develop canisports across the UK – network with other canicross group leaders, share ideas, and help to develop the sport in the UK
Learn from the industry leaders, hone your skills, and make your group the best it can possibly be.
Just dae it!

Course cost: £550
Includes: two day intensive training course (includes outdoor practical work with own dog, and indoor theory work), lunch and snacks, gift bag, technical t-shirt, and Course book.

Date and venue: Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th June 2018 from 8am until approximately 6pm each day at Eglinton Park, The Visitor Centre, Irvine, Ayrshire, KA12 8TA.

Email Lindsay Johnson at to book.

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  1. Phillip Blase


    I am really interested in your Cani-Fit leader training course. Can you please provide details of any upcoming courses?

    Many thanks


    1. Lindsay Johnson

      Hi Phill! Sorry about taking a while to get back to you. Our next course will be on the 18th & 19th of April in the Ayrshire area! We still have 2 spaces available. You can check out the details here;

      If you’ve got any additional questions, feel free to message through our Facebook page or email us at for a speedier response!

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