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Final Cani-Fit Winter Motivator Blogs

It’s the end of the winter motivator and it’s been great fun and certainly has motivated me to keep going though November and December which is what it was all about but best of all I’ve actually enjoyed it. We’ve ran, walked, hiked, scootered, Cani cross competitions, classes – Cani-Fit and boogie bounce to name a few.. Wow no wonder I’m tired!  I’ve now also joined a gym.. Dear gawd what has happened to me. No longer do I drool over sparkly shoes but now it’s trail trainers and fab coloured running tights! Love it all and so does my happy and content Nismo. Thanks everyone for keeping us going and may 2015 be filled with lots more of the same.
Marion Smith

Well as you know I’m not very good at these blogs but here  goes for the last one.
I did check my weight at start of motivator and  again today, no change but taking into account of all the Christmas nights out etc I reckon that’s quite good actually! Discovered swimming, going to keep it up once a week, but not do a mile everytime! Last year I thought I might do a Parkrun once a month but that did not happen so will try harder this year. I did do Strathclyde Parkrun last week and that was because of reading about everyone doing their thing so I got out.
I have been doing more exercise over the last couple of years but more varied this year with Pilates, cani-fit, walking and I can now add swimming. I definately do feel the benefit-but not always at the time!
In 2015 I hope to meet up more with other Cani-fitters but I prefer to do daytime runs so not always suitable for others during the week but I will post after holidays to see who if anybody is free.
I do need encouragement and this group has given me that bigtime-thanks, and I have enjoyed getting out a bit more and I feel good although may not look any better!
Keep up the good work everyone and a big thank you to Lindsay for setting this up.
Helen Rourke

I can’t believe it’s all over. 🙁 This has to be my most active (not to mention quickest) winter yet. This time last year I managed only a few runs and work made me miss lots of group classes. This year – what a transformation! (If we can ignore the few slips in running plans due to the December festivities)

Who’d have thought I would’ve found myself out running on Xmas Eve & Boxing Day, successfully out-running my 11yr old football star nephew, even running (willingly) through sleet! Usually I use an NI trip as an excuse to plank myself in front of the fire for the duration – not this time thanks to the motivator! I’ve even discovered a new trail at Strathy this week thanks to Freya & Jennifer!

When I set off on this challenge I wanted to get team ginner’s running mojo back and I think we may have done it!
– Charlie is running great. Even wee Ruby had a great time at Strathy yesterday didn’t put the breaks on once!
– We’ve completed our 2nd Canicross race (and our entry is submitted for Team Spanna’s return at Ruff Dugger).
– Our speed is coming back.
– We’re pretty much injury free.
– I’ve eventually got myself the PT I’ve been talking about for months
– At long last I’ve managed to do the cross-training Lindsay has been advising me to do for a year (soz it took me so long to listen properly): luv my Saturday bootcamps & returning to Pilates next week.
– And let’s not forget…the cake issue is now resolved! 2 weeks running none followed by cake! I think that deserves a medal (or a cheeky celebration cupcake)

We may never be long distance athletes or do the fastest 5k ever but I’m luvving getting outside and exercising with my dogs. I’ve met a great bunch of people & it’s so nice to see everyone’s progress. Great to see the transformation in people and celebrate in everyone’s successes.

Competition? Fancy trainers first prize? Pah I reckon the prize is turning us all into happily addicted canifitters 🙂

Happy New Year Team Canifit! Here’s to another year filled with fun, laughter & even more new members to the team!  Big up to Lindsay – you’ve transformed us all! 🙂

See you on the 2nd for some seagull chasing!

Luv the Ginja Ninjas