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Find a balance between busy working life, dog care and personal fitness.

At Cani-Fit we are often told “Cani-Fit has changed my life” , this isn’t taken lightly. This can be for a variety of reasons, one being that gives people with busy lives a better balance between quality time with their dog, the dog’s exercise and their own personal fitness.

Cani-Fit allows owners to get fit with their dog. It brings a lot more qualities than just that, some of our Cani-Fitters have put it into words what it has done for them.

Julie and Misty:

“I went self-employed as a Medical Writer about 10 years ago and at the time was going to the gym to keep fit. Or rather I paid my gym membership and made the same New Year’s resolution each year – to go more than once a week (being really honest, even once a week was a challenge!). Six years ago I ‘inherited’ my dog and gave up the gym membership, as I couldn’t fit in a trip to the gym (even once a week) when I had to walk the dog every day. Having a dog was great though as it meant that I had to get out into fresh air for one decent walk a day, even if I was snowed under or had a ridiculous deadline to meet. But it didn’t keep me particularly fit.
A year ago I discovered Cani-Fit and it has made a huge difference to both me and my dog.
• On days that we go to class I can skip our main walk – in class we are out running for about the same amount of time as we would usually walk but we cover much more ground and as a result both my fitness and my dog’s have improved a lot. After the run we then have a short exercise session (humans only) to focus specific aspects of our fitness.
• Having a class to go to in the evening means I can work a full day but then I have to stop to get to training, rather than work dragging on into the evening.
• Classes are also great from a social point of view – being self-employed and working from home can leave you feeling quite isolated, so it’s great to get out with a bunch of like-minded dog lovers. And the same applies to my mutt – she can be reactive around other dogs but her behaviour has improved as she has got used to running with others.
• Running also helps manage the stresses associated with a busy working day – you can’t dwell on work-stuff when you’re running around the woods in the dark (with a head torch!) trying to keep up with your dog (even when it only has little legs).
I hadn’t realised how much I missed regular exercise until I started with Cani-Fit and to be able to find fitness classes that I can do with my dog really works, even when my schedule is really busy. For the first time in years I can say I have a bit more of a work-life balance!”

Claire and Floyd”

“As a police officer I have always tried to keep fit. Sometimes however that can be difficult when I need to work long hours.
Work can be demanding and stressful at times and exercise is important to me as an outlet to help me relax and de stress.
I was always a member of a gym and would visit about four or five times a week around my shifts.
It was mundane pounding the treadmill night after night trying to keep fit and never seeing and great results.
In August 2012 I got Floyd my best friend in the world!
I felt guilty being at work all day and then going out at night to leave Floyd while I went to the gym. I stopped going to the gym because I wanted to spend time with him. This resulted in me gaining weight and loosing a lot of fitness. I felt pretty rubbish about myself and my self esteem was at an all time low.
In 2013 I found Cani-fit, and I haven’t looked back.
I stared by having a one to one with Lindsey and Suko, and it felt great being outdoors with my best friend.
I stared attending weekly classes and loved that after work I could run with Floyd, and both of us got a work out. It wasn’t like going to a spin class then going home to walk the dog.
This was a great way with my busy schedule to get out doors, get fit, and bond with my dog.
I’ve had great fun, doing new things like running through the woods in the pitch dark with a head torch, running through rain and hail, and I have loved every minute of it!
Two years down the line we are stronger, fitter, thinner and more confident. I’m happy, and my dogs happy!
I have found a fun fitness regime that works for us and fits in with my busy work, life balance!

Helen, Charlie and Ruby:

“As a self confessed workaholic and general lazy bones I had every excuse going for not being able to exercise: I have zero work /life balance so no point; I’m always travelling all week and so can’t sign up to anything local; i work long hours and dont get home until after 7pm so can never make exercise classes; I hate the gym. Etc etc

I had tried running before: Flogging myself around the streets in the evening, but it was soul destroying. Then I tried cani-fit… One taster workshop at irvine beach and I was hooked! Classes were at 7pm on weekday evenings: “I’ll never manage that” I remember saying. But actually…with a bit of organisation I did.

A strict deadline on the last train I HAD to catch from Edinburgh to get home for dug then back to chatelherault in time. Making sure i had blocked out my calendar & didnt book in any meetings post 4pm those days. Organising to work from home once a week to coincide with the Ayrshire class. It was all about me taking some control back.

Ok so I may have tended to arrive with moments to spare and in a small panic, but at least id made it.
Yes sometimes the traffic or the rail network conspired against me & I missed the odd class.
But a good run round the trails with the dug & the canifit crew was the perfect way to blow away the stresses of a hectic work day.

I have a high pressure job in financial services and having had to take time of for stress in the past ive discovered that a run around with the canifit team is actually the best stress relief going! Who needs this mindfulness malarkey. You just need to pop along to canifit 🙂 “