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I can’t believe it’s all over. 🙁 This has to be my most active (not to mention quickest) winter yet. This time last year I managed only a few runs and work made me miss lots of group classes. This year – what a transformation! (If we can ignore the few slips in running plans due to the December festivities)

Who’d have thought I would’ve found myself out running on Xmas Eve & Boxing Day, successfully out-running my 11yr old football star nephew, even running (willingly) through sleet! Usually I use an NI trip as an excuse to plank myself in front of the fire for the duration – not this time thanks to the motivator! I’ve even discovered a new trail at Strathy this week thanks to Freya & Jennifer!

When I set off on this challenge I wanted to get team ginner’s running mojo back and I think we may have done it!

– Charlie is running great. Even wee Ruby had a great time at Strathy yesterday didn’t put the breaks on once!
– We’ve completed our 2nd Canicross race (and our entry is submitted for Team Spanna’s return at Ruff Dugger).
– Our speed is coming back.
– We’re pretty much injury free.
– I’ve eventually got myself the PT I’ve been talking about for months
– At long last I’ve managed to do the cross-training Lindsay has been advising me to do for a year (soz it took me so long to listen properly): luv my

Saturday bootcamps & returning to Pilates next week.

– And let’s not forget…the cake issue is now resolved! 2 weeks running none followed by cake! I think that deserves a medal (or a cheeky celebration cupcake)

We may never be long distance athletes or do the fastest 5k ever but I’m luvving getting outside and exercising with my dogs. I’ve met a great bunch of people & it’s so nice to see everyone’s progress. Great to see the transformation in people and celebrate in everyone’s successes.

Competition? Fancy trainers first prize? Pah I reckon the prize is turning us all into happily addicted canifitters 🙂

Happy New Year Team Canifit! Here’s to another year filled with fun, laughter & even more new members to the team! Big up to Lindsay – you’ve transformed us all! 🙂

See you on the 2nd for some seagull chasing!

Luv the Ginja Ninjas