Cani-Fit Winter Motivator


As I sit here writing this blog, I’m looking at the window at a not unfamiliar Scottish scene – rain!

The inevitable is coming and there’s nothing we can do about. Over the coming weeks, people will start to hunker down for the winter, the chocolate and wine intake will no doubt increase and a few extra pounds will start the creep on! Let’s face it, in this part of the world, miserable weather is something we all enjoy moaning about and its often used as an excuse to avoid getting outdoors and taking valuable, health giving exercise.

Have you ever drowned in the rain? Did you ever hear about dog walker/jogger who died because they went outside in “rotten” weather ? The dog needs out, you need fresh air, some exercise and some motivation to get on with those big “lets get fit” plans , talking about why you are avoiding it will get you no where.

At Cani-Fit, we believe there’s no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong attitude.

We want inspire you to get outside & keep your fitness up over the difficult winter months.

How are we going to do this? Let me introduce to you, our Winter Motivator Competition – Ta Da!!!!

The Winter Motivator is Open to all, not just regular Cani-Fitters.

We want to encourage , motivate and see as many people keeping their outdoor fitness activities up with their dogs over the toughest winter months, November and December.

The motivator is your end product, self satisfaction, high self esteem, higher energy levels, increased fitness or miles, calories burned , happy , content , well exercised and socialised dog , muddy trainers, used waterproof that sits in the back cupboard, Facebook posts of happy dogs and owners in Scotland’s great outdoors, meeting new like minded friends, new support network, worn running socks , new blisters……the list is endless , but what I forgot to add is the prize for the most motivated a pair of …. Innov8 shoes from Run4it !!! How I wish I could enter now !! Not only that but a months free training with Cani-Fit, come to any class in Jan for FREE!! We haven’t forgot about numero uno the furry one, a 12.5kg of premium dog food from Dr Clauder’s at Pet Solutions . Top quality, kit, training and feed ! The prizes will be given to 3 separate people so a chance for everyone .


Ok what do we need from you ??? Blood, sweat and tears?? No !

All you need to do is email in a picture of you and the dog (s) , a brief description of you, why you normally lack motivation, and what your goal for the next two months are . Now be specific if you want to get faster tell us by how much, if you want to run further tell us your end goal, if your goal is to get out more, tell us how much more. Add in factors like remain injury free, feel better, all these matter. We would like to see you attend a Cani-Fit class over these months, if you prefer 1-1 training than a class thats no problem, as long as we can meet up and see how you and the dog are getting on.

You will be asked to keep a weekly log, not war and peace something to go in a blog , just an account of how your week went, what worked, what didn’t work, what did you overcome, what did you struggle with , give us a track of your fitness activity and if any progress let us know. We want to know about the dog, feel free to give them days off , let us know how are they  are finding the activities ?

Talk about other factors, like clothing, feed, diet, equipment, trainers , locations you have been using/discovered. All this content will motivate a lot more people at home, without you knowing it you will be not only inspiring yourself but many others !

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain !! 

Submit by Friday 7th November , Don’t wait until Monday !!


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