Cani-Fit’s lead dog has been very busy the last few weeks. He has starred in a dance video which is for a Soma Record Artist, and has been chosen to be in the Alaskan Malamute UK calendar . He has been out hill training with myself in order to get fit and ready for the Gore Tex Challenge in Sept. And on top of that he has been leading our training groups, and teaching new dogs the art of lining out forward. He is enjoying some heavy Z’ds on the couch today, and I think will stay like that for rest of the day. I am a very proud owner and co worker. Suko the Alaskan Malamute makes all the hard work of owning and training a malamute well worth it . He is a dog of his own mind, has been well thoroughly trained, just doesn’t bother using it all lol. 🙂

Suko running on the rig