6 People wrote to us:
  1. Best thing that has ever happened to us. Myself, Splash and Leo are so much fitter and have so much fun at Cani-fit classes. 2 Jolly Collies go daft when they see their harnesses – literally squealing with excitement. Leo used to be a bit iffy around strange dogs and people. Now he is happy and confident and keen to meet new folks. For me, I now have a fitness regime that I actually want to go to. I WILL be fit by 50!

    May 1, 2015
  2. I came along to Cani-fit a few weeks ago to see how I got on, I haven’t ran in over 30 years. Last year I completed the race for life in 58 minutes and today I completed it in 34 minutes. Cani-Fit has given me the confidence to just give it a go! I would highly recommend these classes to anyone who wants to get fit and have fun!

    May 10, 2015
  3. Cani-fit has changed our lives! We started Cani-fit 2 years ago and have had great fun.
    My beagle Floyd and I are much fitter, I have dramatically reduced my 5k time and Floyd has come through ilness because he is strong and fit.
    We have been encouraged every step of our journey by the whole Cani-fit family.
    Cani-fit is a great way to get out, get fit with your dog and meet new friends!
    Just Dae It!!

    September 22, 2015
  4. Three years ago we discovered Canifit through a friend. We had a rescue Collie x Shepherd who was a nightmare with over excitement and nervous excitement. How our lives have changed, through some perseverance and Lindsay’s help at classes, our wee rescue pup has become a poster boy of Canicross, the ability to exercise, work and socialise your dog all at the same time with like minded people has made that difference, both for Widdle and us.

    We would highly recommend Canifit to anyone looking to exercise or socialise their dog(s) and those with issues. It will make a difference to all of you!

    Thanks for all your help Lindsay

    September 22, 2015
  5. The ginners love canifit. It’s THE best way for an over enthusiastic young spaniel to expend some energy and arguably the best stress relief I’ve found yet! Who wouldn’t be happy being out in about in the beautiful Scottish countryside having fun with you dog and making new friends. If you haven’t tried it what on earth are you waiting for?!?!

    October 3, 2015
  6. I’ve always wanted to be able to go running but I tried it many times and always hated it!! It was just so uncomfortable and I was terrible at it!! Recently I put on a lot of weight and I’ve always been told running is the best way to lose it. I decided to see if running with the dog was any easier and maybe more enjoyable. I first tried it back in August at Fiona’s class in Lochwinnoch and I struggled because I was so unfit but everyone there kept me going and I was never left behind. Kirsty was the tail runner and she kept me going with loads of encouragement. My dog Shiloh who was also unfit and overweight eventually started to get into it and together we completed the run. I got a real buzz out of it and since then I’ve never looked back. unfortunately I’m not running Shiloh at the moment as I feel she just wasn’t up for it after many attempts to get her to run so I’m now running my younger dog Thor and he absolutely loves it. We’re both breaking ourselves in gently but with help and encouragement from the Canifit team and all the runners we are both getting better and fitter. Can’t thank everyone enough for their help and encouragement. If you’re thinking of trying but you’re just not sure or don’t think you’re fit enough just give it a go. It’s amazing how good you’ll feel!! I have 13 kilos to lose and I know I’ll do it if I keep going the way I am and JUST DAE IT!!

    October 9, 2015