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Canicross kit with the Non-Stop Freemotion harness, Non-Stop Running Belt and 2m Touring Bungee Line. Ideal for both the beginner or for those looking to upgrade existing kit!

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Product Description

The Non-Stop Canicross kit, has been put together for a huge saving! One of the market’s leading brands, Non-Stop is used by world champions and recreational canicrossers alike. We have added the free motion harness, running belt and the non-stop touring bungee into one fantastic bundle. All these items are IFSS and ECF approved.

Sizing Information:

The Canicross Harness should fit snugly, but not too tightly, around the neck

Size Max Neck Opening Neck Circumference Breed Examples

3 35cm 28-33cm Parson Russel Terrier
4 40cm 33-36cm English Cocker Spaniel
5 44cm 36-40cm Border Collie
6 48cm 40-44cm Hungarian Vizsla
7 52cm 44-48cm German Shorthaired Pointer
8 56cm 48-52cm German Shepherd
9 60cm 52-56cm Alaskan Malamute

The Non-Stop Running Belt : One size fits all. On the backside the Running Belt has an integrated pocket.

The Non-Stop Touring Bungee comes in the 2m size with the 2.3cm thickness, which is perfect for canicross, dog trekking and agility.
Touring Bungee is a solid leash with an integrated elastic section. The elastic provides good shock absorption and helps provide a smooth running experience. The Touring Bungee leash passes any IFSS or ICF rules on lines.


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