Canicross kit with the Non-Stop Freemotion harness, Non-Stop Running Belt and 2m Touring Bungee Line. Ideal for both the beginner or for those looking to upgrade existing kit!

This bundle will be back in stock in January 2020!

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Product Description

The Non-Stop Canicross kit, has been put together for a huge saving! One of the market’s leading brands, Non-Stop is used by world champions and recreational canicrossers alike. We have added the free motion harness, running belt and the non-stop touring bungee into one fantastic bundle. All these items are IFSS and ECF approved.

Sizing Information:

The Canicross Harness should fit snugly, but not too tightly, around the neck

Size Max Neck Opening Neck Circumference Breed Examples

3 35cm 28-33cm Parson Russel Terrier
4 40cm 33-36cm English Cocker Spaniel
5 44cm 36-40cm Border Collie
6 48cm 40-44cm Hungarian Vizsla
7 52cm 44-48cm German Shorthaired Pointer
8 56cm 48-52cm German Shepherd
9 60cm 52-56cm Alaskan Malamute

The Non-Stop Running Belt : One size fits all. On the backside the Running Belt has an integrated pocket.

The Non-Stop Touring Bungee comes in the 2m size with the 2.3cm thickness, which is perfect for canicross, dog trekking and agility.
Touring Bungee is a solid leash with an integrated elastic section. The elastic provides good shock absorption and helps provide a smooth running experience. The Touring Bungee leash passes any IFSS or ICF rules on lines.


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