Cani-Hiking kit complete with Non-Stop Trekking belt, elastic line and Line Harness. Perfect for hiking on trails, mountains or simply for hands free dog walking.

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Product Description

Cani-Hiking , is power walking , trekking with your dog in harness.

We have brought a discounted three piece kit together , from the worlds leading dog sport company . Non-Stop.

This kit contains the Trekking belt which is one size , the Line Harness (please chose your dog’s size) and the
Arctic Wolf bungee line in the park run length, to allow better close control when hiking with your dog.

Size Harness Neck Opening
Sizes: 2-8 Neck Size

Size 2 26-29 cm

Size 3. 26-31 cm

Size 4 31-34 cm

Size 5 34-41 cm

Size 6 41-48 cm

Size 7 48-52 cm

Size 8 52-58 cm


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