Adventure Line & Hund Bar bundle


Adventure line and Hund energy bar bundle.



We are offering a discounted bundle on the fantastic adventure line and tasty Hund Bars . These two will go hand in hand for Cani-Hikes and long adventures with your dog. You will receive 1 x Arctic wolf 1.2 m adventure line and 1 pack of 3 Hund energy bars.

The new adventure line offers everything the original park run line did and a lot more. It has an added grab handle, so you can quickly hold your dog in when needs be. This is perfect for those tricky down hill sections, or crossing roads .

The new kwick carabiner locks and is on a double swivel, it is extra lightweight meaning less weight in your line.

The adventure line has a fantastic strong but light built in bungee to absorb any shock.

Length (Unstretched) -100cm

Length (Stretched) – 120cm

The HundEnergy. Bar is an all natural nutrition and energy bar for dogs. Made using plant-based ingredients packed full with nutritious ingredients. These bars are individually wrapped making them convenient for you to take with you on adventures wherever you go.

HundEnergy. Bars are made taking full consideration for the environment; they only use plant based ingredients beneficial for your dog, that have been carefully sourced and manufactured in the UK.

This listing is for a pack of 3 x 40g Hundenergy. Bars.




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